SEO优化中有哪些盲点容易被忽略? - 公司新闻



  When we do optimization, in addition to pay attention to some optimization details, but also pay attention to those knowledge blind spots that we can not pay attention to. Today, the author will discuss the blind spots of SEO optimization with you.
  1. SEO tutorial
  Now more and more people do SEO optimization, because many companies need it, so there are more and more online tutorials, some of which are roughly the same. If you are lucky enough to encounter a good enough SEO optimization tutorial, then you are worth it. If you just use the tutorial for reference but use it for publicity, it is likely that the content is not very useful. In any case, it is easy to fall behind others in the early stage of choosing the wrong course, and you can't notice it.
  2. Adopt the way of tutorial
  Now some of the tutorials we search for on the Internet are left by others long ago, which is not to say that they are useless. But the times are changing, the rules and the aspects we need to cover will change. Sometimes the way may be right, but it doesn't necessarily work for you now.
  3. Outer chain
  Don't release the chain at will, because some of the chain is not published will have a role, some websites after the effect of the chain is even worse, although the chain is very important to the site, but how to do a high-quality site chain is also a headache. Don't pile up some chain, especially if you have to do the website well, but you can release some external chain as early as possible Foundation, grasp the opportunity, if the luck is very bad, maybe their own website will be blocked.
  4. Learning SEO
  SEO is basically a way of optimization that we will use. SEO has no focus at all. It has been constantly optimizing. In fact, more often we need to discover and learn more things by ourselves. If you are just waiting for someone to teach you, you can only lag behind others.
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