A lot of new self-employed media novices and e-commerce entrepreneurs will fall into a dilemma: low reading volume and low commodity conversion rate. When your content has been wonderful, what is lacking is users, so how to attract the audience? Forum, SNS, exchange link, B2B platform construction, blog, microblog, wechat and other new media channels all belong to network promotion.
  Determine customer group needs
  Lock in the market audience and consumer groups. This is divided into station push and station push, which involves the optimization of keywords, column pages, product details and so on. It is necessary to consider the operability from the perspective of customers and present it in a convenient and intuitive way. Station extrapolation is the form of external chain to improve the exposure rate and transform traffic to benefit.
  The concrete operation of network planning
  If you want to make good use of network promotion, you can not send out the chain or two-dimensional code randomly to achieve success. Promotion is only a means but not a goal. From promotion to marketing, to do well on the network realization, the first thing is to use the network to do what activities, and then it is necessary to establish a website for your own network publicity methods, and then consider your own audience groups What kind of population structure is the body, and then the input of marketing program.
  The premise of Changqing's Internet promotion is to have a main link or a key keyword, which can be your IP, website and official account.
  The following ways can be suggested.
  1. Using classified information platform to release information; website as a platform for pure information release, you can publish enterprise product information on it.
  2. Friendship links;
  3. Video promotion; network promotion, network marketing is the marketing component and the core of e-commerce, and promotion is the top priority of network marketing. Many enterprises have special websites to carry out online sales and online alliance advertising. Through the network alliance platform, enterprise advertising can be accurately targeted according to the crowd, website, keywords, behavior, region, etc., so as to reach the advertising audience.
  4、利用第三方网站推广,提高IP 知名度;通过第三方网站发布相关信息来实现企业网站的推广是较为简单的一种推广方法,企业可以选择一些高权重的网络平台,这样发布出来的内容才能够有一个好的排名,才能够有更多的潜在客户看到,才能够提高自身知名度。在此,在利用第三方网站进行推广的时候,应该注意内容的标题设置,内容的编辑,发布平台的选择这三方面的细节。
  4. Using the third-party website promotion to improve the IP popularity; through the third-party website to release relevant information to achieve the promotion of enterprise website is a relatively simple promotion method, enterprises can choose some high weight network platform, so that the published content can have a good ranking, can have more potential customers to see, and can improve their own popularity. Here, when using the third-party website for promotion, we should pay attention to the details of content title setting, content editing and publishing platform selection. 
  5. Using microblog to promote the website; can use microblog to promote the website skillfully, which can improve the weight and ranking of its own website. The purpose of micro blog is to better optimize the enterprise website itself, and the links in the micro blog can directly bring traffic to its IP, so as to attract more customers.
  6、论坛;选择一些相关论坛泡馆及贴吧,进行宣传和 信息的 发布和宣传。
  6. Forum: select some relevant forums and post bar to publicize and publicize information.
  When your media has access, you should consider creating profits. The next stage of online marketing should be to keep in touch with existing customers, analyze potential customers, and study user habits. Otherwise, even if you are going to various websites and forums to publish links and promote, you don't have a heart to think about customers, and you don't study customers' hearts and customers' happiness A lot of advertising should not be effective.
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