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1. 定位策略
1 positioning strategy
1). 通过微信公众号能做什么
1) what can be done by WeChat public
If it is through the public to attract precision customers, the need to spread in the small circle of force; if it is a popular public platform, you need a large area of communication. Specifically what to do, need to determine good.
2). 你的机会在哪儿
2. Where is your chance
The key lies in the user experience. Need to be clear about who we are and who will pay for us? Where is the value we create? Find out about it and know where it is.
2. 内容策略
2 content strategy
Content in the end how to write, but also the operation of the public is a headache thing. As a public number of operators, must establish the correct concept of content. The content is not original, but must understand and analyze user preferences, for example, the text length is probably between 600-800, if it is to send the video, to fully consider the user's environment, recommended in the WiFi environment to watch and so on.
3. 用户策略
3 user policy
Users, fans are the value of the public platform carrier. The more fans, the greater the value of the public number. How to get more fans, in general, the early words can be added to the old customers and old friends, old customers or old friends, or friends and family groups, there is a small part of the new users. Add new users on their base. Specifically, you can increase the content of the user through the spread of content, however, this requires a high quality content. Can also be recommended by a friend or sweep the two-dimensional code to increase the user. Or increase the users, through the promotion of course, can also increase the user through some foreign software.
4. 广告策略
4 advertising strategy
Public number in the use of a period of time, whether it is personal, or business, will inevitably send advertising. Then. How to advertise? The words of the early, can be considered in the picture and the article insert their own advertising. However, in advertising, must put the user experience in the first place, whether it is their own advertising, or customer advertising.
5. 文案策略
5 copy strategy
How to enter the user's mobile phone, and open a little higher, which requires good copy. So, how is a good copy of the copy it? The most basic is the title is better. Talk about how to write the title, sum up six words: concise, precise and vivid. To express the thought with the least words accurately show the theme of the article, give a person a kind of unique feeling, moreish lead a person to endless aftertastes, read on.
6. 策划策略
6 Planning Strategies
Planning theme activities online and offline, to close the relationship between the fans. Can be combined with the season, the day of the day to a regular or irregular activities. Increase fan viscosity.
7. 推广策略
7 promotion strategy
The highest level of promotion is to make the platform itself has the promotion. Of course, it's easier said than done. Clear positioning, content, strengthen the interactive nature of the fans, copy good, activity planning is also good, in the content of the implantation of advertising, this state, is the best promotion.
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