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A new business model and the origin, development and shaping of the industry need to be tested, run in and adjusted. Following the Shanghai site construction company, thousands of technology to chat about the Internet o2o platform development thinking.
For the purpose of consumption
Whether it's Online or Offline, as a business model of an enterprise, O2O is still aimed at trading. From a consumer's point of view, a commodity transaction process should include the following: businesses offer goods - consumers buy through certain channels - buyers pay - buyers take delivery / merchants deliver goods.
Traditional innovation
"Are you hungry, a U.S." online takeaway has replaced the traditional call order way, "taxi drops, Uber must become our mobile phone software called the car," Alipay, WeChat paid "let us go out without the wallet. Seriously, in fact, only the scene changed, taxi way changed, payment changed, the taxi industry is still there. O2O project on the market, in the final analysis, should not be the subversion of traditional enterprises, but should be standing on the shoulders of giants, innovation on the basis of tradition.
Flat thinking
The intensive effect of integration can greatly improve efficiency, reduce waste of resources and reduce costs. O2O uses flat thinking to create greater value and becomes an important way of thinking. Taking agricultural products, fresh products and consumer goods supply O2O platform as an example, not only can we obtain the real demand dynamics in time, but also can simplify the profit and profit of distributors, so as to make the price more reasonable.
Operation systematization



O2O operating products or operating system problems, should be emphasized landing service and product experience. Valuable content is the key to social media, and at the same time, O2O operations should be systematic, and should emphasize the needs of users, that is, from the personal needs of this people-oriented perspective.
Choose the right target market
小企业必须找准目标市场你并不能受众于所有人。 给自己一个精确的定位,资源有限的小公司才能够有效率地满足莫些市场的需要。
Small businesses must identify the target market, and you can't get everyone. To give ourselves a precise positioning, small companies with limited resources will be able to effectively meet the needs of the market.
Out of the ordinary
不要跟你的竞争对手做同样的事。 从一个拥挤的市场上,哪里能有那么多外观相同广告和产品一起脱颖而出。小企业有相对于大企业的内在优势,包括灵活性、快速做出反应的能力和能够提供更个人化的服务。
Don't do the same thing with your competitors. From a crowded market, where there are so many appearances, the same advertising and products stand out together. Small businesses have an inherent advantage over large enterprises, including flexibility, quick response, and the ability to provide more personalized services.
时间是最珍贵的商品。 当一件任务预计在周五交付,那么要在周四下午完成,然后立刻利用电话和邮件进行汇报。
Time is the most precious commodity. When a task is expected to be delivered on Friday, it will be completed on Thursday afternoon and immediately reported by telephone and mail.
Building a team
Don't just hire employees to fill the gap, but make him a part of your team to help you. An elite team that brings benefits to your business.
Build up a good reputation
Your business operates on its reputation. You must build a good reputation for the quality of your products and their supportive services. Remember two key factors to ensure success: quality products and excellent service. Always strive for high quality.
Continual improvement
Entrepreneurs should constantly improve their products and services. If you stick to the Convention, you risk falling behind in the rapidly escalating race.

Do the right thing