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How much do you know about the unspoken rules of website construction? AB site, today and you talk about website construction a little thing
Many enterprises have heard the station, the first time think of is the price, do not understand the general enterprise website production cost, website construction industry does not have a blatantly standard, always thought that this industry is easy to be a flicker of trap.
Because, many enterprises in preparing to do web site, the first time will ask a question, that is "build a website, how much money?"". In this regard, some companies have reported you 10000 yuan, and some companies give you a few thousand dollars. Actually, let's see what the difference is between thousands of dollars and $10000
Of course, what I said here today is not a common site, but a marketing website.
Recently, a customer has found a network company that has cooperated for many years to do a new station. This new website has used over 10000 yuan. Ladies and gentlemen, should you refer to the marketing type website? If it's not an ordinary website, is it worth the money?
First of all, this money is not worth the flowers, below we first look at the difference between ordinary sites and marketing websites.

The marketing website is to market research, planning, design, process, optimization, editing, quality inspection, and common website is a popular, open a business website, the contents of the above general: home page, company introduction, product center, customer case, news and information, contact us, no character, no focus on marketing to design, can be said that without what design is nothing more than the content of home products, the strength of the company, the company, news content.



However, many Internet companies in order to cater to the public psychology, we are under the banner of "marketing type website" banner to do, the newspaper price is very high, but the effect is strong. Seriously, the so-called marketing website is actually an ordinary website, but more than ordinary sites seem tall, good-looking, or add an adaptive mobile phone program. OK, that's what it means to deliver goods to customers. This is a marketing website.

The above I said spent million yuan new customers is an example, as examples of such many enterprises often encounter, but because they do not understand, so is the unspoken planning, too dumb to eat in silence, say no.
Really do a marketing type website, enterprise website production company should be called to give yourself a plan, see him what plan for yourself, know what you have right, this site will know your customer needs, whether can better meet the user's experience.
When you take this website planning book, see him so understand your customers, you trust to spend this money, is it more valuable?
On the contrary, if nothing, build a marketing site for you, you believe it, and you should be a pit.
Of course, there are thousands of dollars you can build a marketing type website, but it is generally built imitation station, a successful marketing website in the same industry for your imitation, so the cost is really cheaper than many, the effect may not be alone in the development of a new program, on the contrary, because of the improvement in others the success of your website can easily be included, because a successful marketing website basically has made all base station optimization. And, to be honest, those who say that you are developing a program for yourself, do you really know if he really developed a new program, instead of taking another program for you after two development?
Summary, said so much, that is, those who do not understand the marketing site, do not know the difference between the site in the end, the price to choose the site of the company