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How will the small program develop in the future? Do businesses now have to layout applets? The answer to this question has never changed: you don't do a small program, your competitors will do it, whether or not to do it, you can read the following article to think about.
Small programs are the main battleground for future business competition
WeChat is currently the largest mobile terminal traffic portal, 963 million active users, while Baidu's live users have just passed 100 million. Where is the flow, enterprise customers will naturally go to where, now every day there are thousands of enterprises to launch their own small program, as in 2000 after all the enterprises have strong site needs, you do not, but your competitors will do, you will be catching up with competitors.
A small program to search the most accurate search is started, it is fuzzy search, can foresee the high probability to the future will be like Taobao or Baidu's intention to search and search advertising (search advertising has been). Search traffic based on WeChat's huge user base is certainly powerful imagination. And WeChat search results, whether it is now or in the future, small programs, because they can meet a variety of application scenarios, must be the highest weight applications. No matter what kind of business your company is running, small programs are destined to be your main battleground. Of course, if you run a small program earlier, it will provide you with a strong competitive advantage.
Small program is a natural application of enterprises in the Internet Era
The site is PC times of all enterprises must, app is undoubtedly the most natural transformation of enterprises in the mobile Internet era, but the app high development costs and complex access paths, promotion expenses expensive, so most companies can avoid the application of the app, and the birth of a small program, close to the original ecological app experience no need to download, and attention, after a visit to a permanent record, the enterprise application platform in the mobile Internet era to thousands of households.
There is a very vivid metaphor:
To develop a app is like opening a shop in a deserted place where you are responsible for promotion. I want to make this place very exciting from 0, and you need to create various infrastructure. The small program is equivalent to set up shop in the commercial street or Wanda Plaza, water and electricity are ready, the key is natural passenger flow.
Some people say that I already have app or web site, what should I do?
The answer is simple: when the user is not there, it is not necessary to give up his position, when the user's behavior and habits change, enterprises must transition and upgrading, you said I don't turn, then you wait for someone to go beyond you.
User data can be easily obtained
Because all users of small programs from WeChat, once a user has access to a small program, there is a clear picture of the user will be conducive to the in-depth analysis of user groups, it is clear both the era of the PC website or app mobile Internet era, all registered users of high cost, in order to more in-depth analysis of user data it is difficult, but WeChat small program provides a step in the analysis of powerful data analysis to help you find the user, the user, the final customer marketing.
The small program nearby is the first platform for future o2o
Besides the important position in the history of small programs, we most users open a nearby small program will see weeks black duck small program, domestic small program, Starbucks small procedures, the bank's small program, McDonald's of small procedures, can be said to a nearby small program in the future will be like the U.S. group +58, almost all the local life service providers, as the United States Mission and 58 low frequency application, use the time to download, not when you delete WeChat near a small program that has a huge advantage to go, plus WeChat unmatched traffic advantage, near the small program will become the first platform for future o2o.
WeChat search will overtake Baidu as the largest platform for search traffic
WeChat live 9 times Baidu live in WeChat, users spend more time is Baidu several times or even a hundred times, WeChat gave birth to the public financial management platform CAITONG, gave birth to the circle of friends, gave birth to the WeChat payment, gave birth to the public, WeChat was vigorously promote small procedures, in addition to a small program with the huge coverage of B end user value, based on a small program, WeChat will challenge Baidu search entrance of the first important foundation.
The logic is as follows: the reason why Baidu is the distribution center of commercial traffic is because in the era of the traditional PC Internet, all the enterprises will build, all information is based on the website, best path to access the site is Baidu search, so to win; and in WeChat now seems difficult to do this, but a small program launch, so that all enterprises with low cost in the mobile Internet era website and search access paths to obtain traffic, so WeChat is not a small program, and in the search, WeChat small program is an important authority.
WeChat small program 41 huge traffic portal
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