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As we all know, the emergence of small programs has solved the flow problem of 300 million business owners in China. Among the ranking rules of small programs, one of the most domineering is that they have been used. As long as the user has used this small program, the next time the user searches, as long as the name of the small program used contains the keywords of the user search, the small program will definitely rank first. Xiaobian wants to say don't hesitate, Weixin small program development is really early.
1. Importance of keywords
It is very important to set up accurate and effective keywords, which can make it easier for micro-credit users to find out when searching for small programs, and promote transaction purchase by clicking on understanding. Moreover, when keywords are clicked frequently, it can bring more traffic to small programs and optimize the marketing of businesses or enterprises. Under the function of keywords, it can increase the number of visits to small programs for a time, so as to enhance the visibility and influence of the brand or product of the merchant.
2. On-Line Time of Small Programs
In order to vigorously promote small programs, Wechat supports the early entrants in the ranking, and the sooner they register, the more advanced they are (different mobile phones are slightly different, most of the searched small programs and rankings are the same).

As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm, and the early enterprise that makes the small program will surely have more benefits. As an important part of Weixin's future, small programs are highly concerned. The sooner enterprises start small programs, the first thing they get is Weixin's support in ranking. What you understand is that no matter whether your small programs are bullish or useless, the sooner you go online, the better you will be able to rank in the search list. If your business itself is very suitable for small procedures industry, then do it quickly, don't hesitate, so as not to wait for small procedures to really erupt in the future, a variety of exotic traffic charges come one after another, that's not good.


3. Name of applet
As everyone who has done SEO knows, the higher the matching degree between the name and the search keyword, the shorter the keyword, the higher the ranking displayed, and the same is true of the Wechat applet. Another point is that the name of the applet is as unique as the public number. Except that the name of the applet and the public number under the main body can be the same, all the others can not have the same name.
Like many user platform registration rules, the name of the applet is unique and cannot be reused. So before registering a small program, you must think about the name and introduction, and do everything you can to bring keywords into the introduction. Once users search for keywords, your small program will easily be displayed in front of them.
4. Frequency of keywords in small programs
For keyword selection, it should be set around the characteristics of industry and products, or refer to some hot words in the "Weixin Index" small program. Although this part only accounts for 10% of the weight, it is still very important for the ranking of small programs.
5. Historical Records Keep Small Procedures Forward

Once the user has used your widget, the search list for the historical widget will be displayed. The next time the keyword matches the widget, the widget will rank first. To make good use of this, the sooner you do it, the higher the frequency of keyword search, the higher the chance of appearing in the user's history menu, and the more likely natural users will use your applet again! So if you do small programs early, go to promote it! It's right to expose your applets to the list of historical records.

6. Number of Use of Small Programs

The more visiting users the small program accumulates, the more users it will give priority to. The more users it has, the higher the ranking is, and the weight of this part accounts for 50%. In the Wechat Search Interface, there will be four small programs that have been used before, which can appear here. It is also very relevant to the number of times his small programs are used. The more people used, the higher the frequency of their own use, the greater the probability of occurrence.


7. Visit frequency decides priority display
The ranking of widgets is undoubtedly influenced by the number of clicks and visits of users. Early widgets can accumulate more user visits. The more user visits, the higher the click rate, the higher the popularity of your widgets will be tacitly acknowledged by the Wechat system, and the widgets in your home will be given priority to users. Therefore, to a certain extent, the exposure of widgets will be increased. For your next marketing action or promotion needs are of great benefit!
So, pay close attention to small programs as soon as possible. This may be another big opportunity for us besides the public number! uuuuuuuuuuu Above is the main reason why the earlier I say, the more advantages of doing small programs. Of course, there are other factors that can prove the benefits of doing small programs early. Here we will not list them one by one. We often say don't let children lose at the starting line, and in front of small programs, entrepreneurs are undoubtedly afraid of losing at the starting line.