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Everyone who is engaged in website construction and website optimization and promotion knows that it is much easier to make a website than before. As long as you pay a little attention to it, there are many open source codes on the Internet. As long as you download and use it, you can build a very simple website, so it also gives many new webmasters a chance to try. But it is not easy to make a successful website, if you want to make the website available. Good traffic is even more difficult; therefore, many novice webmasters are eager to make quick successes and instant profits, and think about website construction and website optimization and promotion very easily, but the results are contrary to their wishes; in this case, do not know the analysis and summary of the problems of the website, here, where to change, and finally it is always impossible; small edition summarizes that it is often easy for new people to make websites. Make the following mistakes.
Frequent change of website template

Novice websites always want to give themselves the best, so today see this, tomorrow see that, today feel that this template is good, quickly copy it, and tomorrow find a good, immediately change. The website looks much more beautiful, but the search engine does not have a good feeling; because, for search engines, changing the website template often means that the website is unstable and has not been built. For such websites, search engines will not visit frequently, let alone grab. So, under what circumstances will template change not arouse the search engine's disgust? Xiaobian reminds you that when replacing the template, ensure that all links and modules do not change, such replacement is not a problem.


Frequent change of website title and description
As SEO webmasters, the importance of website titles is self-evident; and before determining website titles, webmasters will be cautious and cautious, not only to consider the main products of enterprises, but also to consider the content and theme of the website, after synthesis, to select three or four key words; and some webmasters because of thoughtless, always think about changing, so that keywords in the ranking better, today change this, Tomorrow, change that, the result is changed from place to place, other people's stations have gone up, only their own stations are not included, or only included a page.
3. Enriching the Content of Website by Collecting

Being a stationmaster is actually a very boring thing. Sometimes you need to repeat something for a long time. This also puts forward a test for many novice stationmasters. Only through this test can they really move forward. But unfortunately, only a few stationmasters can stand it. Most of them are collecting Internet information and filling it with other people's information. Of course not, let alone user experience, originality is a big problem. Because the repetition is too high, the search engine will think that your site is of little value, and your new site has no weight, the natural number of times will be less.



IV. Advertisements are put on the website as soon as it comes online
Ninety percent of the stationmasters who build stations are ultimately trying to make money. How does the money come from? Advertising, of course. Now Baidu Advertising and Google Advertising are good ways to make money by clicking, but the premise is traffic. It's hard to do this without traffic at the new station. And some webmasters are more anxious, have not made much traffic, they rush to advertise, so will there be money to come? Of course not, and advertising will also affect the speed of website opening, leading to search engines more disgusted.