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In the era of mobile internet, most people can not live without mobile phones. Apart from working and resting time, they probably spend the rest of their time on mobile phones. Under such a general trend, there is no doubt that most of the user traffic will come from the mobile end, so the construction of mobile websites is in full swing, and it is also a good opportunity for enterprises and stationmasters to operate and develop. However, how to make full use of this huge user traffic for the construction of mobile websites?


Mobile website is different from APP, although the development of APP is also the choice of many enterprises, but each has its own advantages. If the mobile website is well established, it will be more direct to obtain user traffic. After all, the mobile website can be opened directly and browsed without user downloading. In addition, the construction cost of the mobile website is relatively low, which can meet the needs of some enterprises to a certain extent. Even if there is a need to change the website, it will be relatively easy to use. Of course, the premise of having these advantages should be built on the premise of a good mobile website. The following edition will talk about the main points of mobile website construction.
First, Page Design
Because of the different mobile devices, the construction of mobile websites requires relatively high page requirements. When designing pages, it is necessary to arrange the content of the whole website reasonably, judge your user groups according to the type of websites, and study the browsing habits of these user groups on websites, do a good job of page layout and color matching, so as to make the pages concise and clear, and users can find the needs at a glance. Location, in line with their appetite, helps to improve the user experience.
Second, highlight key points
Navigation bar of mobile website is extremely important. Because of the limitation of the display of website on mobile side, navigation bar should not be set in navigation bar like PC side website. This will not only increase the burden of website, but also increase the user's browsing burden. It looks very dense and cluttered. Therefore, this part should follow the principle of minimalism and condense the key content. Navigation is enough.
Third, go straight to the theme
Website theme content should be placed in a prominent position. After all, page resources are limited. Don't forget the original intention of building a mobile website. When laying out content, leave the best position for information that can attract users and express the theme. From the user's point of view, it can direct users to the theme. From the enterprise's point of view, it can display its content focus and advantages to users most directly and quickly, and to marketing. Promotion can play a driving role.

Fourth, loading speed


This is an important factor that many users are willing to use APP, rather than open mobile websites. Because users open mobile websites too slowly, they will worry about too much content and consume traffic, and the patience of users is limited, opening too slowly, I believe that many users will quickly choose to close. Therefore, the construction of mobile websites should reduce the content of excessive capacity, such as pictures and videos, it is best to use less or not, or to compress on the premise of guaranteeing visual effects.
The above is a small edition of the mobile website construction of some key points of analysis, whether users like it, all depends on the details of the site, as we all know, details determine success or failure, so we should pay attention to the construction of the site.