Դwww.lushangyun.cn ʱ䣺2019/04/27


It can be said that the mobile phones we use are becoming more and more powerful, but at the same time the memory of the apps we use is also growing. We will find that every time an app is updated, its burden on the mobile phone will increase by one point, not to mention many applications. After we use the process, we will also secretly use it in the background, which undoubtedly occupies our own. Running memory will make us more jammed in dealing with the use of mobile phones in the future, but we have no way to effectively stop this phenomenon.


Now the main way we need to get information is the computer and mobile phone, but the way the mobile phone gets information can't open the browser directly like the computer, I don't see the information on the mobile phone is very fragmented. On an APP, the news we see may only be part of it, and we need to get more information. The demand for software is also growing, so the APP in our mobile phone is also more and more installed, even though the memory of the mobile phone is very considerable now, we still occasionally feel inadequate.
The emergence of small programs has changed the situation. We can find that many applications can be turned into small programs for us to use. App can be turned into web pages to achieve the concept of "light application". Without downloading and installing, we can achieve the operation we want on such small programs. Such a phenomenon, we can refer to last year's very hot Wechat applet, based on the huge user group of Wechat, the use of Wechat applet is also very considerable.

In fact, more and more people prefer to use small programs rather than download application software directly. We will find that more and more businesses and businesses reside on the Weixin small programs, and the small program services provided to us are more and more comprehensive. As long as we click on Weixin, we can enter any page of the brand at any time, and in the page we want. The operation is simple and efficient, and the widget on Weichat can be directly bound to the microcode for use, without downloading the program and registering step by step. This is undoubtedly very convenient for users.


Therefore, Xiaobian thinks that the trend of application software withdrawing from the market can be inevitable. The same operation small program can be completed, but the burden on our mobile phone is much lighter. Why should users switch to more troublesome applications? Presumably, there will be fewer and fewer apps in our mobile phones, and the platform for small programs. I believe that we will be able to provide more than just Wechat. We will wait and see the development of this aspect.